Bachelor of Fine Arts — Painting

In introductory level classes in painting students are assigned various problems in which they paint subjects that range from still-life to figure and landscape. This instruction is primarily concerned with the perception and recording of the three dimensional world through a painted picture on a two dimensional support. Additional problems based on art historical concerns (e.g., abstraction, expressionism, realism) and instructor-conceived problems are also offered. Techniques in stretcher frame construction, canvas stretching and priming, color mixing, paint handling, and framing are introduced. While the overriding goal is for students to develop skills and concepts, promotion of technical skills is balanced by the introduction of content. Advanced painting students are encouraged to be self-directed and self-disciplined and to develop a sophisticated conceptual and individual basis for their work—with a corresponding technical facility with their chosen painting medium. Students in Advanced Painting are provided individual workstations. Graduate students are provided with individual studios.