Bachelor of Fine Arts — Printmaking

In printmaking introductory level courses are offered in relief, intaglio, screen-printing and lithography. Drawing and design principles are given strong emphasis in intro print courses as a part of the regular problem solving process. An increasing emphasis is placed on the development of personal concepts as the student progresses. At the advanced level, emphasis is placed on experimentation, exploration, and conceptual development with the expectation that students gain a significant understanding of their chosen medium and its relationship to individually developed concepts. Students in printmaking are also expected to develop a sense of professionalism about their work, and use of the studio, tools, and equipment. 

Printmaking is comprised of separate but contiguous studios with over 4,500 total combined square feet for lithography, intaglio, screen-printing and relief printmaking. The facility is well stocked with rollers, color inks, flat file cabinets for paper storage and lockers. Equipped with Charles Brand and Takach Garfield presses, all printmaking studios establish a professional working environment. In lithography there are over 130 stones, a crown hydraulic lift, a stone graining sink, three presses, and chemicals for stone and plate processing. The Intaglio studio includes capabilities for etching copper and zinc, a Charles Brand hot plate, isolated vented acid and solvent rooms and a special area for color printing. The Screenprinting studio has screen storage racks and five silkscreen tables, including three vacuum printing tables. Support for students to utilize digital print and photographic processes are available within the print studio. Additional resources for support of digital processes are maintained in the College Computer Graphics Center. There are three separate smaller studios for graduate students with direct access to the presses and common work space.  All studios are ventilated and meet OSHA standards for industrial health and safety.